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About France Robert


Hello, my name is France Robert, and I welcome you to my new Wellness venture. Over 40 years ago I was visioning helping people through western healing modalities and all the possibilities offered. Thanks to my mom and her health challenges I soon discovered the power and potentials holistic practices offered. Nursing was the beginning of my passion to help and share knowledge. My teachings of massage therapy, reiki, polarity, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, nutrition, herbs, iridology from Dr. Jensen and acquiring certifications in colon therapy. My education has allowed me to understand and share my knowledge with many practitioners and students. Today I am an instructor for colon hydrotherapy as well as bio electric lymph drainage therapy. I have been an I-ACT instructor since 1997 and part of their amazing educational board, as well as NBCHT certified since 2008.


Thanks to Connie Allred who has pioneered I-ACT and bestowed Internal Environment Institute, school for colon hydrotherapy. IEI has provided me the opportunity to teach, certify and share the love, passion, and art of holistic therapies…towards “Finding Freedom in Health”. As I share the knowledge with students, I explain that they will become a refined tool for their clients, learning to becoming the best therapist “Healer” is also being a great listener, beyond words…​


“Come discover with me the beauty of your health in accessing balance, in all its forms. I use wholistic approach by listening to your needs and challenges, to help find the best solution, in nutrition, herbs and emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.” 


~France Robert

I look forward to meeting you!

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