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Private Sessions

Every session is gently & professionally lead by France Robert. Customized to you bio-individuality and needs, France listens and facilitates the healing process WITH you. 

I am currently offering services all over the country. Please inquire via email or phone for a session and a location near you. I will also keep you informed of whereabouts via newsletter. Looking forward to serving you.

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Colon Hydrotherapy 

A 50 minute session on an open or closed systems. A detoxifying experience with a gentle flow of water into the large intestine for cleansing and healing. 


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Bio-electric Lymphatic Drainage


A relaxing therapy with usage of a device that encourages the lymphatic system to drain & detoxify naturally. 


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50 mins of personalized support for clients & students on all topics ranging from nutrition and detoxing support to business and leadership consulting.


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B.E.L.D. Add On 

30 mins of lymphatic drainage to support your colon hydrotherapy session.


What Our Clients Say

Kimberly Denver, CO

"I have been a student for France since 2012 and also have had the pleasure of working for her as a colon hydrotherapist in California. France's passion for health, wellness, teaching and colon hydrotherapy is very contagious and her knowledge is vast. When you are in her class you know you are in good hands because she isn't there to see you struggle with the lessons, she wants you to succeed and be your best. France is there for you every step of the way. Entering this profession has been such a fulfilling step for me to take. I love working with my clients, I feel so great about helping them and relaying the lessons/skills that I learned from France to the clients so they can be their best. A great student comes from an amazing teacher. France is an amazing teacher."

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